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Realising the potential of podcasting

Podcasting is something I never tried until January 2021, I've listened to many from other people over the years but for some reason never got around to making my own, but finally I decided I needed to give it a go and made a new years resolution to try out my own podcasts in 2021.

Anchor FM

I am glad I did! What I had not appreciated is how this area has grown, and how high quality the sites are that offer to host podcasts, and even better some of these platforms and places are free, and even have distribution networks and syndication options that are easy to make use of.

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The first service I have tried is Anchor FM its great and looks really professional with only the minimum of effort, my content can be found not only on their site, but across a network of their distribution partners.

Another good site is podomatic - which seems to have strong authority and a good directory and community feature.

See the above list to give you an idea, Spotify and Google Podcasts immediately stand out and give you an idea of the sorts of high profile, reputable and reliable partners that are available.

The next site I tried is Buzzsprout

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I am a little uncertain of this as they use sub domains, but their partner list is impressive and doesn't overlap with the Anchor ones.

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I am therefore getting a network of high quality sites and links back to my own website without that much effort. It reminds me a little of the Article Marketing channels I used to be involved with back in t he day, but its less spammy as the content is audio. I bought a better quality microphone from ebay as I quickly realised the audio quality of my USB mike was not of a good enough standard for this time of project.

I also discuss podcasting over at my Medium blog.